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The Interpretation of Rhythms in              the Repertoire of

   Traditional Italian Folk Music

                                                             Traditional Italian Folk Music

In Western Europe, Italy has one of the oldest and an extremely varied folk song history dating back to antiquity. This workshop will present historical, technical information and some of the repertoire based on the first and foremost comprehensive mandolin books Traditional Southern Italian Mandolin and Fiddle Tunes and Italian Folk Music for Mandolin, by John La Barbera (Mel Bay Publications). You will be amazed by the vast repertoire and variety of styles including the Pizzica, Pizzica Tarantata, Tarantella (including 16th century tarantelle used for healing), the Tarantella Montemarinese and Tammurriata. 

Rhythmic Foundation and Groove for Traditional  Italian Folk Music

  • Understanding the rhythmic groove is essential for the interpretation to many styles of traditional world music. We will explore how it relates to the pieces from the two books.

  • Italian Folk Ensemble Playing                                                                                            

  • Level: all levels welcome

  • Arranged for beginners thru intermediate/advanced levels and will include melodic parts and chordal accompaniment. 

  • Fees: $50 per class. Register by email 

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